Dan Slater Has Dog Gone Story which is helping animal shelters!


Singer-songwriter Dan Slater had a lovable shepherd-lab mix dog named George, who is more than just "man's best friend". He was the inspiration and incentive to Slater's success.

"I had been writing songs for many years but my attempts to get them published met constant rejection" Slater recalls. Then on a dreary day the foundation for success was laid. "I was having an awful day, "Slater explained, "when I came home there was my dog George to greet me. He didn't care what mood I was in and was so happy to see me. After Spending some time with George I felt better and I thought to myself I wish I could be like him, happy all the time." That thought stuck in Slater's mind the next day as he put the words together for another song, this time about his dog and the events of that day. "I wrote the song for my own personal pleasure and then one day decided to send it off to publishers, just for fun!" The song, now titled "Wish I Could Be Like Him" was well liked by Doris Lindsay of Better Times Publishing, and a publishing contract followed. Slater then wrote, recorded and produced an album of dog songs that rapidly gained popularity all across the county. Songs such as 4 Paw Drive, Hound In The Pound, Rover and Clover, Shaq The Water Dog, A Boy and His Dog, Memories My Dog and Me, A Dog Gone Party. The song The Dogs Who Saved Christmas Day has since been made into a story on video and book, not to mention getting air play on many radio stations during the Christmas season. "I believe the songs are so well liked because of the combination of humor and sincerity, something you don't find in a lot of novelty songs" Slater then toured the county performing his songs in school assemblies, and assisted living homes while performing in malls and various places raising funds for animal shelters across the county. His companion was Daisey a golden retriever (a real heart catcher) who (now has passed on) has her own song and video !

Slater is now 74 years of age, retired in Lake Tahoe but still performs occasionally but mostly is seen filming and broadcasting youth sports in Lake Tahoe and Northern Nevada on The Local Sports Program. His song and story of the Dogs Who Saved Christmas Day  was a big fund raiser for animal shelters all accross the nation. 

Slater now is bringing it back this holiday season in hopes it will raise much needed funds for shelters all accross the USA as you can now get the video downloaded and a $1 of every download goes to local animal shelters.  Shelters not on the donation list are encouraged to contact Dan at ds-lsp.com asap!

So as the song points out:

There was Daisey, Digger, Dizzy and Doy Delbert, Dappy, Dumper, and Devoy. They were the dogs who were cast away, Now they're the heroes of a holiday!!