The Local Sports Program

The Local Sports Program is seen on Lake Tahoe Television. Program air's at 9 PM on Monday nights channel 12 and 195 in So Tahoe,  channel 195 in most other areas.   Gardnerville and Carson programs are seen on the local access channel. It is also available at any time. Highlights can also be seen on Lake Tahoe Television and also on the web at

LSP staff

Program Director

Dan Slater

Tim Howsley
Howard Collett Jr.
Mike Gough
Aubrey Felton
Holly Brumbach
Dave Young
Paul Andrew
Jeff Brumbach
Todd Miller
Austyn Harrington
Bob Allen
Kelsey Kjer
Audrey Giacomelli

Allen Silver
Mike Ervin
Mike Petterson
Dave Borges
Mike Williams
Jeff Brumbach
Werner Christen

LSP  Filming Schedule

NIAA Football, Basketball, Softball & Baseball

For Past games call or email for information on games filmed.




High School Sports

Douglas, Carson, South Tahoe and Whittell games as well as selected Reno area games.  email us for list.

SYFL and Pop Warner Football

Our files go back as far as 1999..


Order DVDs

All programs and games filmed by LSP are available on DVD and helps support the Local Sports Program.


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